Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It finally happened...

Well, the word is out. Amanda and I have decided to get married. Yep, we did the whole engagement stuff and everything. I figured that this would be something worthwhile to blog about. Since I promised that Amanda would be the next person to write on my blog BACK IN FEBRUARY, and she would tell the story better, she has done this entry. A warning; This blog is very girl-intensive and takes your through each detail of our engagement evening. That would mean that it will be a little longer and A LOT GUSHIER than my typical blogging, but hey I didn't write it. At some point I will get back to telling stories about stupid stuff that happens to me, but first things first. Thank you sweetheart for this entry. I love you and I look forward to this next step...

With that said, here's Amanda


I don't think I've ever been so flattered, so honored, so excited. As I reflect back to last Thursday night, I am still in awe of the effort he went to, the clever secrets he kept, the chosen few he let in on the plan. All plans made to surprise me, to make me feel special, to ask ME the (2nd) most important question anyone has ever asked me. I'll say it again - I've never been so honored. And so freakin' excited.

Anyone who has seen The Sixth Sense and experienced the "surprise" ending is able to spot the tell-tale signs of Mr. Willis's condition upon the second viewing of the film. It seems so obvious, we think. As a viewer we feel so tricked. And we love that someone was able to trick us right before our eyes.

Well, as I'm learning how David secretly planned his proposal right under my nose, I am amazed at his efforts and just thrilled that he was able to plan such an elaborate evening right in front of me. Now that I know the ending, looking back thru the events of that day and last week, his mood, the random phone calls, etc. etc. I can better see how he did it all and I had no clue!

Suffice it to say we had talked at length about getting married, being engaged, ring type (VERY brief conversations. He always seemed to turn green when we discussed anything "shiny"), and sometimes the time line within which all this would unfold. So, I was hoping, and praying, that the question was coming. But, I had NO idea he was like, 4 steps ahead of me.

Last week, one of my best friends, Heather Perry, was in town for the whole week preparing for her beautiful little sister's, Camille's, wedding. The wedding was Saturday at 6:30pm. I had been over to the Perry house on Tuesday night for awhile, working on flower arrangements, decorations, and the like. Perhaps we even had a brief conversation that started out like this, "what the crap is taking so long? what's he thinking, you think? are you sure he wants to even get married?". All the while, in a house only a few blocks away, he was working on the proposal! Wednesday evening/night, I ran wedding errands with Heather. We had a great time running all over Abilene looking for white dots (don't ask). We were in and out of University Church of Christ a few times on Wednesday night. I promised to return the next night, Thursday, to continue helping in whatever way I could.

So, Thursday comes. As soon as I see David, I can tell something's slightly off. He's just being flat wacky. Goofy. Like a little kid. We made sandwiches at my house for lunch. It seemed like he was in a great mood. But, it could also be that he had finally gone crazy from exhaustion, work stress, all this wedding talk. Hard to tell. We had plans for Thursday evening - an ACU baseball game, a quick dinner, and then I was off to the church to meet up with Heather. We had fun running around to all these things; dinner was especially weird because David was still being kinda silly, and he didn't even eat the half of his meal that we'd split! I keep looking at my watch, saying "We can NOT be late! The Perry's are on a tight schedule and I have to be there for them!". He just kept saying "ok. ok. we'll get there." We left Cracker Barrel and headed to University. He dropped me off at the kitchen door and I said "I'll call you later. I have NO idea how long this is going to be." He said he was going back to the office (which was a totally legit thing to say), gave me a kiss goodbye and drove off.

I went into the kitchen to find Heather, who was busy putting the final touches on Camille's beautiful wedding cake. I noticed soon that she was acting kinda weird too. Throughout our conversation, she could barely look at me. She seemed very distracted. I was just thinking "Man, this wedding thing has her totally stressing. I can't even seem to make her laugh!". I stood around and watched her work on the cake for about 20 minutes. Her cell phone rang, it was Rosalyn, telling her that she was bringing the flowers into the church and we were to come meet her now to work on the arrangements in the giant auditorium.

We walked from the kitchen, outside, into the pitch black giant auditorium. Rosalyn was no where to be found. No flowers. No vases. No decorations. It was dark. Heather was continuing with her unusual behavior. Not really talking to me and walking very quickly. As we walk thru the darkened auditorium, I say "Where is Rosalyn? What, are we playing hide and go seek? Where are the flowers?". Heather walks with me thru the auditorium, into the little hallway on the side, and up to the chapel doors. (University has a separate, small chapel, behind it's auditorium.) She like, walks with me up to the double doors, and then just walks off and says over her shoulder "Go in there". At this point I'm thinking "strange that Rosalyn and the flowers are in here." But, who knows. These Perry girls have this place running like clockwork. What do I know?

I push open the double doors to the chapel, and almost run smack dab into David. He's in a suit. With a tie. The chapel is dark, only illuminated by the dozens of little candles that line the stained glass window sills. Ok. At this point, about 1000 different things are running thru my head. "This is not where the flowers are.", "Where is Rosalyn?", "What is David doing here?", "Did he bring the flowers?", "AHHHHH, HE'S PROPOSING!!", "Maybe he just wants to pray or something?", "HOW DID I NOT KNOW HE WAS PLANNING THIS?", "What does my hair look like?", "Do I have any lip gloss on?", "OHMYGOODNESS, I THINK HE'S PROPOSING!??!", "What the crap is going on?" All screaming in my head at one time.

He greets me with a soft kiss on my forehead and says something, but I don't remember what it was. The voices are still talking in my head. I slowly start to absorb my surroundings. I notice rose petals along the aisle we are walking down. "All the Heavens" by Third Day is playing over some speakers. The candles. There's a projector and screen at the front of the church. There's a table to the right, down front, that has candles and roses strewn across. On top of the rose petals are slips of paper, cards, receipts, ticket stubs. Laid out on the stage at the end of the aisle are framed pictures, more candles, more roses. There are two chairs off to the left. Roses rest in one seat. We walk slowly down the aisle. I am just giggling, saying "oh wow! oh my goodness! oh wow!". Nice. I know.

He leads me to the table with all the paper on it. He points to card I've sent him, telling them what they meant to him. He points to ticket stubs of fun events we've been to - football games, movies, comedy clubs. He shows me receipts from memorable meals; boarding pass stubs from trips to LA and Nashville. We've had a busy 18 or so months!

He then walks me over to the stage where the framed pictures are on display. The pictures are of my grandparents and great grandparents. There's a picture of my parents, when they got married in the exact chapel we are standing in, standing on the exact stage their picture now rests. He talks to me about the long line of strong marriages I come from. The heritage of faith and love that came before me.

He then leads me to the seat and tells me to sit down for the "next part". He steps over to the computer and starts a video. Pictures of us smiling, kissing, dancing, with best friends, at weddings, being stupid, laughing, come to life on the screen. He's carefully chosen the pictures, the music and the statements between the joyful images.

At the conclusion of the video, he stands up and kind of walks around in front of me. He steps in front of me, I'm still sitting in the chair, and drops to a knee. He pulls a box out of his pocket. Ah ha! The Ring! (nope. not the DVD.)

David starts to fumble with it, looking at it, looking at me. Starting and stopping his speech. He says many sweet things. Things that make me smile, makes my heart jump. No tears though, I am just so stinkin' excited I can't even handle it.

He finally asks me the one thing I've wanted to hear from him since the day I took him home from an engagement party a few Aprils ago.

"Will you marry me?"

"YES!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!"

Slipping on the beautiful ring was so surreal. I still stare at it and think "is this really mine?". (And then I think "oh, I gotta take this off before David sees my playing around!")

Just when I think my heart, my head, my face, are all about to explode because of joy, he tells me there are people that want to see us outside. Of course! The Perry's must have known about this! This is why Heather has been acting so weird! While I did want to sit in the chapel a little longer and just absorb the moment more, I couldn't wait to share the good news with whoever was out there.

We walk out the back door of the chapel - I'm still just saying over and over "ohmygoodness! I can't believe this! Oh wow! Oh man, this is so cool!". We walk down the hall and into a classroom just down the hall. Waiting in there with HUGE smiles are my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, David's dad and Elliott, Clayton and Felicia Woods (DP's best friend and a precious couple that played an integral (sp?) part in David's whole proposal), and Tom and Diane Rose - our mentor couple from a class we took at Highland. Of course more screaming happened - it was so fun getting to share this huge moment with them. And realizing that my parents and brother and sister-in-law had known for a long time was also fun. They did a GREAT job of keeping a secret. After lots of hugs, and some pictures, we all walked back into the chapel to show off David's handy-work. We watched the video again and I started hearing about the little details of how David's plan came together, how he was able to 'fool' me, how much our friends and families were involved. I really loved hearing about it all.

Clayton Woods gets the hard-worker award - he did a great job of picking up the whole chapel, scrapping candle wax off the window sill, packing things up, while David and I just stood around in awe with big, goofy grins on our faces, still chatting with our parents. After everything was picked up and gathered together, we all headed to Copper Creek (a BEAUTIFUL restaurant here in Abilene) for a little engagement party of sorts. The stayed open late for us - and we all enjoyed sitting and visiting over delicious and decadent desserts. It was such a sweet and special time of celebration.

Obviously, it was a late night. I am so thankful to our friends and families for taking the time and making the effort to share in our special night.

We are so blessed by the love of so many. We cherish their support and prayers. I couldn't be more excited or thrilled. I couldn't be more proud and honored to be engaged to one of the greatest men I've ever known. I know this whole wedding planning season could be a crazy one. I know I most likely will get stressed by random little things like what exact color the roses are, how we're going to decorate the reception, etc. etc., but I couldn't more thrilled, or more thankful to be walking thru this season, and this life, with David.

I love you, David Michael Pittman.

Let's "get'r done".

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just Another 18 hour day

Wow, who knew that I would be so busy...
All through high school I thought, "I can't wait to get to college and then I will have all of this free time to hang out and do whatever I want..."
Then I got to college and got unbelievably busy - I tried to be involved in every possible group/organization/friendship possible. That's when I thought, "I can't wait to graduate, because then I will get a 9-5 and then have the rest of my time doing whatever I want...

Welcome to the REAL WORLD!

I got up at 5:45 this morning because it was a Presidential Scholarship Interview Day for ACU, so I had to be at work early. It is now just after midnight, and I have just arrived at my hotel here in Houston, ready to be David Pittman Collegiate Recruiter Extraordinare, at a Youth Rally this weekend. This after a very full day of interviews and meeting with VIP students and their families on campus.

Its no wonder with a schedule like this that I have not been able to get back to my blog regularly. As a result of this you can all be excited to know that I have now, after much prodding and pushing going to have Amanda write a guest blog for me this week. I'm sure that this will create all sorts of excitment.

Since it has been another month since I wrote, of course much has happened. Below is a list of some of the most interesting things...

Week long Recruiting Trip to Central Texas - I love coming back to the office and having 18 Billion emails and phone calls to return

Valentines Day - I got the best valentine stuff ever from Amanda

Sing Song - If you haven't heard the UNBELIEVABLE STORY FROM THIS YEAR'S SHOW then let me know I will definitely blog about it.

Elliott got a Ridiculous job offer in Austin (Law school looks to be on hold for a little while)

Played another wonderful season of intramural basketball (is there a statute of limitations for seasons to play?)

Now I am at Soul Link. This can't be a superlong blog because I am sitting up here in the hotel room as Aaron (other Admissions Counselor here with me) tries to sleep. I really should go to bed soon as well because I have to get up for another 18 hour day tommorrow. Who knew being a grown up would be so hard? Or tiring?
Does anyone remember what it was like to stay up in the dorm until 3 or 4 and then pop right up for you 8am class?
Can anyone still really truly enjoy being awake at 2am, just because you "dont really have anything to do tommorrow?"
How about eating whaver you want at whatver time of the night (or day) and still being able to sleep or feel normal.
- I say this because the only reason I am awake right now is because of that stupid vanilla frappuchino (how do you spell that anyway?) that I drank during hour 6 of our 7 bdrive so that I could arrive safely.
What are the other things that don't come as naturally anymore
Why can't grown up life be more like it is on MTV's Real World? Where people just give you money to play around all day and then "work" for 6 hours one day and then talk about how hard of a worker you are.

Speaking of reality TV, I have now officially thrown my support behind Nashville Sarah. - I can't believe it, she started out being one of the most annoying choices but has grown on me (Guys, if you are confused, then I am talking about college football).

Mowana is just a crazy person.

Its officially 1:00AM. I'm starting to ramble, so I'm off to bed. Ya'll (or you) have a good evening and I plan to write more than just once a month from now on!!!

- Maybe the good doctor could pick neither...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Time to write again

Well, in one more day it would be an entire month since I last wrote on my blog, so it's definitely time to write again. The last month has been a truly transformational time for me . During this last month I have celebrated the beginning of a new year, gone to 2 funerals for mothers of friends of mine, seen Uncle Dan show the true spirit of the holidays to those less fortunate, and of course watch my Horns win a national championship among other very important things.

Instead of starting my blogging back with something heavy, I want to tell a couple of stories. Stories are always more entertaining to both write and read, so to those of you who will be reading this here goes.

Because I was not planning to work on Monday (Thank you Dr. ML King's parents for his timely birth) I decided that I would attend UT's National Championship Celebration in Royal Memorial Stadium on Sunday evening. Unfortunately, Amanda was not able to be there for this momentus occasion, because she had to work, but one of my work friends happens to be as big of Texas fan as I am (Garrett) so we wemt to the deal together.

Now, this was UT's first National Championship in a longggg time, so there was a ton of hype about this celebration! Everytime you turned on the the radio or tv you could hear about how "more than 100,000 are expected to turn out for this event!" Garrett and I, being the orangebloods that we are wanted to make sure that we had a seat. We showed up at 3:45 of the event that didnt even kick off untill 6:30 just so that we could stand in line to get seats!
Let's just say that there is a big difference between 60,000 and more than a 100,000, because Garrett and I sat in the stands, in our decent seats for 2 hours for nothing, because the stadium didnt even fill up! But there were a lot of people there.

When the program finally started, Garrett and I burst into laughter because of the speakers. There is just something that really takes the Oomph out of a celebration when boring old people speak.
It was like the event planners got together and said "You know what would really get the crowd going, lets have only congressmen and administrators speak at this thing. The college kids will love it! Nothing says "Go Team" like the 75 year old chairman of the board of regents getting everyone pumped up! Its ok that they don't know who Vince Young or David Thomas is..."
After hearing from Rick Perry, a couple of people running for Congressional Seats, and UT's President, the best speaker of the evening came up. He is the chancellor at UT. Garrett and I noticed that everyone's speech sounded a little wierd. We thought that it was just the microphone or something untill this guy. Apparently the administrators took a trip to 6th street before and were all hammered for the celebration! The Chancellor was so drunk that he couldn't even complete an entire sentence! He got up and slurred something that no one understood and then says,
"I'mmmm, soorryyyyy, i'llll t t ttryyyyyy to sppeak mrore slllowwwwlyyyy...Forget it, GGGoooo hornssssssss." and then with horns raised sat down.
Part of the reason that this was so funny to us was because we thought about what it would be like if ACU won a national championship and we had this same type of celebration at Shotwell. Something tells me that Dr. VanRheenan and Dr. Money would have a little more restraint, but hey, still kind of funny to think about.

After the celebration, we drove back to Abilene ready to begin another week of work.
As I mentioned above I had no plans to work on Monday, so I got to spend the day doing what I wanted. Around 8PM I decided that I wanted to go hit golf balls, so I made the 12 minute voyage to the other side of town to the only place that has a lit driving range. After wasting some hard earned money on a bucket of balls, I decided that it was time to pack up and go home. On the South side of town is a barbeque place called "Ronnie Ingalls Pit Bar-B-Q." After countless times of passing it up for the likes of Joe Allen's or Harold's, I decided to give it a go.
As a I walked in, I was transported back to the old west saloon. As the only customer in the place, I had my run of it so I selected a seat close to the exit, then the wierdness started...
My waiter was a young lady who was in her low to mid twenties. She seemed nice enough, in fact she was a little too nice. She seemed really awestruck that I'd selected their establishment to dine at that evening. Her language was littered with more than the usual "Yes sirs" and "right away sirs." For the time being I blew this off and thought, oh she's just being nice until less than 5 minutes after I orded my meal, The Manager brought me an ENORMOUS plate of food. They threw all sorts of junk on there so that the poor plastic plate was literally bending under the weight of the food. The manager seemed elated as well at my presence and was most gracious. At this point I was ready to call up the local food critic and suggest that everyone eat here! This was awesome! Nothing like good barbeque to fill you up! Surely this was how they treated everyone...Well, maybe not.
After eating as much as possible (and trust me, I'm a good eater!) I asked for a doggie bag and my check. Inside the box was placed MORE food from the kitchen and then the waitress scraped what was left off of my plate. Wow, what a place...
As I raised to leave the waitress stopped me and said, "Hey, should I know you from somewhere sir?" After going through my typical "I have a twin" song and dance, and that she may know him, she was still convinced that she knew me. The she asked "Are you a professional athelete?" After pausing for a moment to think whether or not playing intramural sports into my midtwenties counted, I indicated that I was not. Then she goes "Yeah right, sure your not, I get it, I tell you what, my boss and I want you to come back next time your in town, and be sure to bring your buddies too, we'll feed all of you, we'll even put your picture on the wall so you can sign it!"
Sounds like a bunch of us are going to eat for free during Sing Song Weekend. Any takers?
I wonder who she thought I was?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Please Pray

This is just a quick request for those of you who read my blog. Berrylynn Scantland, mother of Jon Scantland, a freshman here at ACU from San Antonio, passed away in a car accident outside Abilene on Friday night. She leaves behind her husband Lee, son Jon (19 on Christmas day), daughter Jenny (17) and son Jake who is 11. Hunter Woolfolk, another ACU freshman from San Antonio is also the deceased's nephew and needs prayers as well. Please keep this family in your thoughts over the holiday season. The funeral will be in San Antonio on Thursday at 2pm. I am sure that Jon or Hunter would love to get a quick note from anyone who would like to send one via the internet or in the mail. Here is their contact information:

Jon Scantland
18777 Stone Oak Parkway #722
San Antonio, TX. 78258

Hunter Woolfolk
74 Eaton Green
San Antonio, TX. 78257

Also in the car during the accident was ACU alum Jason Young, his wife Britni (Berrylynn's sister), and Garrett Burkhart who is a 7th Grader from Austin (another cousin). All of them are recovering from the accident and sustained injuries of varying degrees.
Thanks for your prayers

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I was tagged this morning by Mark Lavender. My task: answer the following questions with a list of 7. While I am not a big fan of the bulk email type stuff, I will indulge this time

List 7 things to do before I die: - In no real order for me
1. Have a family and see my kids go to ACU
2. Travel to all the continents
3. Watch Uncle Dan Get Married
4. Learn how to Hang Glide
5. Watch, in person, the Longhorns win national championships in Baseball, Football and Basketball
6. Sing the National Anthem at a Sporting Event
7. Come up with a truly original idea

List 7 things I cannot (or will not) do:
1. Become a Vegetarian (Good thinking Lav!)
2. Buy a Hummer
3. Run for Political Office
4. Live in Houston
5. Become a "Yuppie"
6. Enter a Mr. America pageant
7. Be too old or out of shape to play sports - That a way Dave Merrill!

List 7 things that attract me to my spouse: - I'm not married, so I will put that attract me to Amanda
1. Her humor
2. Her great smile
3. Her ability to relate to people
4. She is a bigger sports fan than I am!
5. Her love for God
6. Her thoughtfulness
7. She is pretty hot

List 7 things I say most often:
1. "Ehh!"
2. "baugh!"
3. "I hate that stupid alarm clock! 10am already?"
4. "Well, what do you want to do?"
5. "But I don't want to go to Starbucks!"
6. "Where do you want to eat?"
7. "You're right, I'm sorry!"

List 7 books or series that I love:
1. This Present Darkness
2. Wild at Heart
3. Then Sings My Soul
4. ESPN the Mag./SI
5. Integrity Selling for the 21st Century - right
6. Oh The Places You'll Go
7. The Bible

List 7 movies I would watch over and over again:
1. Braveheart
2. Top Gun
3. Hitch
4. Newsies
5. Run Away Bride
6. Shawshank Redemption
7. Big Daddy/School of Rock

List 7 people I would love to join in:
1. Amanda Peeples - even though she doesn't have a blog yet
2. Matt Foster
3. Matt McBryde
4. Lindsay Hall
5. Kenli Shea
6. Leslie and James Mayo
7. Troy Oliver

Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm so cold

Warning - This is basically 2 posts...
I'm so cold.
It's getting warmer
But I'm still cold
I don't think that I was made for this type of weather. I mean come on, I'm a tropical people
The weather report for earlier this week said that it was 15 Degrees, but the wind chill made it feel like it was 5!!! Unfortunately, there has been no rain, sleet or snow, so unlike all of you in Dallas, I've had the priviledge of coming to work everyday this week. I miss snow days! If you want to read about the best snow day that I ever had then go to Matt's Blog and and read about what we did at the Melting Pot.
I just don't like pointless cold weather. You have to get so bundled up like my friend here going camping. I Even bought a stinkin' scarf this week! At least it could snow or something so that I got something out of it, but no, its just butt cold(yeah I said it!) The worst part is that I look outside my window and it looks sunny! I guess this is better than an 80 Degree Christmas...

In light of the cold weather, I have decided to lighten things up a bit (because my blog is always very serious anyway) and talk about the most embarrassing moments for me in the last couple of weeks. Just consider this therapy for me.

Song Leading at Austin Area Wide Event
I was asked to lead singing at a Youth rally a few weeks ago in Austin. So its hard to get kids to sing when they are not really in the mood too, especially if there are hundreds of them together. In hindsight, I think that if I would have tried to do the "Steven Moore Mega Mix (Highways & Biways, This little light of mine...) then they may have been more into it. I royally messed this opportunity up in a couple different ways:

1.) I tried to teach a new song that I didn't know as well as I thought
-> Picture me standing up there trying to think up the girl's part as I teach
it to them - not a good idea
2.) After I got flustered with #1, I led "We Shall Assemble" at a pitch that even
hurt dogs ears - I had to stop everyone at the chorus, apologize and take a
3.) When I tried to introduce the song "Worthy is the Lamb" I couldn't remember the
word Lamb so I continued to call Jesus "the farm animal that we
4.) Accidentally mistyped the words to a well-known song on the powerpoint behind
me and confused everyone in the auditorium.
5.) My friend Kayci informed me that this is forever recorded online"> - immortailized at the Church's website where they have the entire thing
Oh well...

Weightlifting in Powell
Ever since I got back from Thailand, I have tried to get into working out more. This probably had more to do with Elliott looking like the Incredible Hulk and me looking like his Lanky Sidekick Gumby than anything. Amanda likes to go and run on the eliptical too, so we try to take a lot of dates to Powell Fitness Center here on campus (I know how to treat a lady!) Amanda always comments on how so many guys in there never really work out very much. Instead they do a set of curls or something and then go flex in the mirror for 20 minutes, put a towel over their shoulder and then leave. Well last saturday I was on the bench press, trying to lift as much weight as I possibly could. Usually, one of my friends are around to spot me, but not this day. Being the Muscle Head wanna be that I am, I figured, I'll know when to stop myself...
I was half way through my last set when tragedy struck.
All of the sudden I feel my muscles give way and BAM! My arms buckled and close to 200 lbs slammed onto my chest and I couldn't raise it at all. We're talking every single slapstick comedy moment that you have ever seen. My head is turning red because of strain and then blue because of lack of oxygen and no one was paying attention.
I tried to wiggle out from under the bar, but to no avail. Just when I thought that I was going to pass out a strong arm lifted the bar off of my chest and told me to be careful.
Who was it? Was it the gigantic Football Player from the other side of the room? Maybe the Lord sent a mighty angel down to save me...

It was AMANDA. My little GIRLfriend, Amanda. When I saw that I thought that she should have just left it there on my chest, at least then it would my sternum instead of my ego that would have been crushed.
Afterwards, I told her that I was just trying out a new excerise technique and that she ruined it!
Sure you were David, sure you were...
Pretty AND strong - who knew?

Thats enough for this one - Maybe more another time

Thursday, December 01, 2005

2 In a Week!

I know, everyone is shocked that I put 2 bloggings up this week, who knows I may even do one tommorrow. The sky is the limit!

A lot has gone on recently, so I have a lot to write about. Here is a quick run down:

Water Flooded part of my house in Austin over Thanksgiving break
-> Oops! Let me tell you how fun it is to tear out all of the carpet in a room at midnight of Thanksgiving evening! As we came home from the days festivities, we had the suprise of walking in and feeling that squishiness of a water filled room. Luckily, my wonderful girlfriend helped the 3 of us tear out the Electric Blue Shag Carpet out of Uncle Dan's room! Yes, thats right, my house in Austin is still pimpalicious in that it is covered in Shag Carpet! Shag does have an amazing ability to soak up a ton of water though.


I got to talk to one of my former college roomates for about 30 minutes on the phone yesterday. It was awesome! His name is Matt McBryde, and he is a Youth Minister in Trophy Club, although he was known as "HOT MATT," whilst we lived at the Melting Pot! Of course that was before I lived with "HOT RYAN" too. Matt is one of the funniest guys that I know and we had a blast living together. In college we would crack up watching Multiplicity all the time and listening to Brian Regan on CD. Check out Mr. Regan if you have never heard him! There was also this time when he rigged a mousetrap to the light switch in my room, but you will hear about that another time.

That-a-way Josh! I'm sure that you and Allison are gonna be really happy!

And, for the 3rd time this month, my heater went out at my house. I like sleeping in the cold, but this is a new experience. I feel like I am camping in the Arctic or something at night! I love my Property Managers...

On top of all of that, I will be meeting someone famous tonight too! OK, so its not Tait, or Kelly Clarkson, or even Bono, but he is on TV more than any of them. He is a true Renaissance Man. Yes, its TV's own Lester Holt! Or as some have called him, "The real life Carlton" from Fresh Prince.
I'm excited and I'm sure I'll write about it later. Peace